The Best PC Controllers for Gaming in 2024


These plans may rotate on a quarterly basis if the company decides to reforecast any projections. Financial controllers are in charge of the past; they review historical transactions and ensure reporting is done correctly. These reports may then be delivered to a financial planning and analysis (FP&A) leader. This FP&A director relies on their team to build budgets, forecasts, and long-term plans based on the future of the company.


The best PC controllers can be a boon in everything from racing games and flying sims to open-world and fighting games. But if you’re still unsure about swapping out your keyboard and mouse for a gamepad, jump ahead to our FAQ section for more info before you buy a controller. Otherwise, we’ve found ten top-tier options perfect to pair with your gaming PC – and find them here in the UK. The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is one of the most advanced gamepads available, with unique features like adaptive triggers that can adjust resistance based on what you’re doing in a game. It isn’t particularly customizable, though, and that’s why Sony released the DualSense Edge.

Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C

Here are some situations which often prompt small business owners to hire a CFO in addition to or instead of a controller. To give you a little more insight, here are some situations which prompt small business owners to hire a controller. To simplify the major difference, a CFO will often be involved in fundraising and finance strategy, whereas a controller’s responsibilities usually stop at ensuring accurate reporting. Controllers tend to make more money and have to manage people and organize departments; not all accountants have the same responsibility. Some people thrive in management roles, and these are the best candidates for controller jobs.

  • Find your edge with customizable controls and swappable profiles that can help equip you for anything from pro level tournaments to epic single player adventures.
  • A controller must often have around at least 10 years of professional experience, though larger public companies will often require more.
  • This can be especially true if you happen to be playing games on a big-screen gaming TV on your couch.
  • The Xbox Elite Core controller is literally the Xbox Elite Series 2 with all of the accessories stripped away.
  • The thumbsticks are reassuringly solid and responsive during gaming a session.

This is the official high-end Switch, and easier to find in stores than 8Bitdo’s gamepads. Switch-exclusive gamers should consider it, though there are better options if you also want a controller for PC or mobile games. If you stand at that intersection, it’s a great controller for playing Xbox games on your phone. Sports games are the most obvious, as anyone who has tried to play FIFA using the strange keyboard/mouse control scheme can attest to.

Best Official Nintendo Controller

Others are happiest as experts in their own fields without the complications of oversight. This should be a major factor when deciding about a potential cfo vs controller career. You could boil down the choice between mid-level accountant and controller to one between specialization and general control. Most accountants become increasingly specialized and narrowed in their career focus over a few years, in part because that helps fuel higher salaries.

  • Also, a company may employ a junior status to candidates that must first demonstrate proficiency in the role before getting promoted.
  • Turtle Beach’s offering is wireless, so there’s a 2.4GHz dongle for a lag-free connection to your PC or Xbox, and Bluetooth support is handy for your gaming phone.
  • To simplify the major difference, a CFO will often be involved in fundraising and finance strategy, whereas a controller’s responsibilities usually stop at ensuring accurate reporting.
  • But that shouldn’t matter for short bursts, and the controller will make your life significantly easier when driving vehicles in games like Grand Theft Auto V or Battlefield 2042.
  • It’s akin to using membrane keyboards your entire life and then transitioning to mechanical switches.

The 8Bitdo Ultimate Software gives it PC customization like controllers twice its price, including programmable rear buttons, remappable controls, and even tweakable sensitivity for the analog sticks and triggers. Some gamepads go even further, with Windows and Xbox apps that provide total control remapping and other customization options. Those are the basics that are required for playing modern games, no matter the system.

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