Club Bable

Search Engine Optimization
Club Bable

Project Detail

The Clubbable app eliminates the manual process of getting people on guest lists and sorting out quotes for VIP tables to exclusive clubs

The project involved carrying out a market research, doing the competitive analysis, setting up a website and drive enough traffic and sales to make the business profitable. They mailed us, just like they mailed tens of others.

We didn’t know what we will find, but we knew where to look. It was also the comprehensive and clear outline of our proposal and subsequent communications that help us get the project.

• Club Bable was struggling to gain top
rankings & search enginetraffic.
• Client wants to rank on highly
competitive search terms for their
• Improving rankings and organictraffic
was not easy task due to highly
competitive searchterms.
• High Bounce Rate

Impressive Results

Gaining visibility and engagement for the brand and hence generating traffic on the new website from social media channels. When it comes to maternity non-medical options, the choices are a handful and awareness limited.

Our 1st quarter strategy was an instant hit and the client gained both mass visibility & engagement in just 4 months.

The client’s website also was placed on focus and had a jump in the total number of unique visitors. We worked on increasing the average session duration and decrease bounce rate.